• Sarah Coward

My new-look logo and why I love it

So chuffed with my 'new look' logo that's been designed and created for me by the fabulously talented designer Elly Thompson. This logo is the first proper mini 're-brand' that I've invested in since starting my own marketing consultancy two years ago and it's dear to my heart. Why? Because it represents me and my business which I'm creating and living and breathing 24/7. It's me 'taking myself seriously', valuing my work and hard fought for experience and it showcases who I am to my clients and potential new clients. I wanted something professional, inviting, and modern and I think Elly definitely nailed it!

I also love it as the original concept was created for me by my eldest teenage son, who's also an amazingly talented graphic designer in training, and it meant a lot to me that he supported his mum's new venture a couple of years ago now by giving up his time and making the effort to create something out of a desire to help his mum and not for monetary gain!

SLC Digital Marketing, is after all, just me at the moment but I'm hoping that one day this will change. One day I hope to have a small team around me as my business grows. Dreams start step by step day by day. You have to work hard to make those dreams come reality and for now, and for today, I'm taking small steps into making that dream a reality.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts.

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